How To Replace The BMS

- Apr 23, 2019-

As we all know,BMS is the key part of a lithium battery. Many battery problems are caused by BMS damage. So how to fix it? Maybe you can replace it yourself.

Check the BMS first. To know the basic functions.


C- means Charging negative

P- means Protection board(BMS) output negative

B- means Battery negative

We need to connect the above three ports.

In a lithium battery,the positive and negative lines of the discharge port, one is the positive line of the BATTERY, and the other is the negative line of the Protection board(BMS). The negative line of the battery is connected to the B- of the protection board(BMS)

C- connected the negative of the charging port.

Many manufacturers use different types of BMS,so find the suitable one is important.

If you have any questions,contact us freely,maybe we can help you to find the right one.