How To Take Care Of Your Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

- Mar 11, 2019-

When you first receive the battery from us, you must first fully charge the battery before using it. This is very important due to safety concern during transport. The industry standard is never fully charge a battery when it leaves the factory. This is just like your cell phone battery, the instruction is always asking you to charge it first before using it. If you plan to store the battery for awhile, then following the instruction below: 1. If you have a Digital Voltmeter (DVM), measure the voltage of the pack, the voltage should be at a min of 3.5V per cell. Ex: if you have a 14.8V (4 cells) pack, the min voltage should at 14.0V. If the voltage is lower than 3.5V per cell, you need to recharge the battery as soon as possible. This is to keep the battery fresh. 2. If you don’t have a DVM, then I recommend once every 2 months to recharge the battery to keep it fresh. 3. Storage environment – you should store the battery at room temperature 65̊F or lower at 65% humidity (If you feel cool and dry – is a good indicator). Or simply put the battery in a fridge (not Freezer) will help store the battery at charge state longer.