Problems In BMS Battery Management System

- Jan 17, 2018-

With the wide application of new energy electric vehicles, the capacity, safety, health status and endurance of battery are becoming the focus of attention. Battery management system is to monitor and control the battery system, the collection of battery information real-time feedback to the user, at the same time, according to the acquisition of information adjustment parameters, give full play to the performance of the battery. However, in the former technology, in the management of multiple batteries, people need on-site debugging and settings, resulting in its inspection, maintenance and update is very inconvenient.

Also, for the performance of the battery pack, battery aging, service life and other information, need to be on-site after repeated debugging, experiment can be obtained, the work is quite tedious, time-consuming, and in the production, commissioning or experimental process, only when the battery problems affect the work of electric vehicles, will find fault and replace the battery, This way has blindness, lag, quite easy to have adverse consequences, serious will lead to production work delay, production of dangerous accidents.