Types Of Safety Certification For Lithium Batteries

- Jan 17, 2018-

I. UL certification
Today, most countries and regions in the world for products involving safety, health, environmental protection and other projects require safety certification before entering the market. UL Mark has become one of the world famous safety certification mark.

Ii. Extra Energy Standard
Extraenergy Certification is a non-profit organization, headquartered in Germany, the main work is to focus on the global light Electric vehicle neutrality information, and provide value-added services, which related to lithium battery safety testing is very strict, rigorous, most European customers are recognized.

Iii. CE Certification
In recent years, in the European Economic Area (European Union, European Free Trade Association, excluding Switzerland) in the market of goods sold, the use of CE certification marks more and more, affixed to the CE certification mark of goods to meet the safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection, such as a series of European directives to express the requirements.